About Me

Hello I’m Asher! I am a sophomore at Wesleyan University studying math and chemistry. I'm here to help your child conquer math subjects with an engaging and effective approach. As a math major in college, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our tutoring sessions, but I also have the privilege to incorporate my perspective as someone who is still learning math.
Through my own trial and error, I’ve realized that the times I struggle the most with a mathematical concept is when my prerequisite knowledge is shaky. Trying to build upon a shaky foundation takes a lot longer than restarting and building again!
In traditional classroom settings, there often isn’t enough time to ensure a strong foundation in every student. My tutoring style focuses on more than just learning content; I aim to provide your child with a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. This approach can help us uncover possible gaps in learning, and we’ll correct them as they learn new content.
I have helped a lot of students succeed in math. I have been tutoring middle and high school school students privately for years. In addition, I tutored with 'Quarenteen' Tutors, a service that provided tutoring to kids struggling academically during the Pandemic. I am well versed in both in person and online tutoring.
While I'm focused on helping you succeed academically, I also believe in creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment. Although we'll have moments of seriousness, I always like to inject a bit of light-heartedness into our sessions.
Don't let math overwhelm your child any longer—reach out to me today, and let's start making math more approachable and rewarding.